Coronavirus: 12 percent of all cases are medical workers, eighth death confirmed


An eighth person has died from Covid-19 in Lithuania on Tuesday. The patient, who was in the risk group, was being treated in Santara Clinics in Vilnius.

Earlier on Tuesday, 42 new Covid-19 cases were confirmed, bringing the country’s total to 533, the Health Ministry said.A total of 11,280 coronavirus tests have been carried out in the country so far, including 1,389 on Monday.

Seven people have died of the virus and another seven have recovered, the ministry said.

 Medical workers account for 12 percent of all cases  Sixty-four medical workers in Lithuania have tested positive for Covid-19, accounting for 12 percent of all coronavirus cases in the country, the chief epidemiologist said on Tuesday.

“Currently, we have 64 medical workers diagnosed with coronavirus and 263 medical workers isolated due to the infection,” Loreta Ašoklienė told reporters on Tuesday.

“We have 104 hospitalised cases today, including 19 severe ones. One case is very severe and treated in intensive care. The other 18 need oxygen therapy,” she said.

 Lithuania to reach peak in April or May 

According to Ašoklienė, a considerable number of people are likely to develop Covid-19 symptoms in the coming days, and coronavirus projections indicate that the country is in for a tough month ahead.

“Forecasts show that we may reach the peak of the disease […] in late April to early May. It is very likely that April is going to be a difficult month,” the chief epidemiologist said.

“The situation in Lithuania is changing daily. [The infection count] is still rising and is likely to continue rising over the next few weeks,” Loreta Ašoklienė told LRT RADIO on Tuesday monring.

The number of patients requiring hospitalisation is “to those of other countries,” she said. “However, it is worrying that we have many infected doctors, and many of them are isolated, too.”


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