Consumer protection centre found problems with all playgrounds surveyed this year


Consumer Rights Protection Centre found different flaws in all child playgrounds surveyed in Latvia in recent years. To prevent those problems, economy Ministry has developed a legislative draft, as reported by the ministry’s representative Evita Urpena.

CRPC performed inspections at 58 playgrounds in the past two years. Problems were found with all of them. In 83% of cases investigators found inadequate coating and in 63% of cases investigators found damaged or broken elements, explains Urpena.

To help create a safer environment for children and reduce the possibility of injuries, the ministry has developed and submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers set of rules Security Requirements for Child Playgrounds. The document details special requirements for public use playgrounds or other equipment and equipment intended for children, as well as evaluation guidelines.

Economy Ministry believes new requirements will improve safety and quality of existing playgrounds, as well as provide a safer environment.

The new requirements include compulsory safety requirements for playground equipment manufacturers, importers and distributors. Additionally, new requirements also provide for regular inspections playground owners or management authorities have to perform after installing all equipment. Requirements also set playground registration and maintenance order.

It is planned that Cabinet of Ministers requirements and their detailed order will come to force on the next day after announcement. A twelve month transition period will be established, as well. During this transition period, all previously installed playgrounds will need to be provided with risk assessment and registration with CRPC, which will be a free service, Economy Ministry reports.

To ensure the highest possible safety for children, CRPC provides regular consultations to playground equipment manufacturers, importers and distributors, as well as municipal administrations on general safety requirements for playgrounds.

In spite of the information being accessible to producers and playground maintenance businesses, CRPC finds new problems with different playground equipment every year, the ministry reports.

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