Company in Lithuania’s largest corruption case wins reputation lawsuit against MP


MG Baltic, a business group embroiled in Lithuania’s biggest corruption case, won a reputation case against MP Vytautas Bakas who likened to corporation to an organised criminal group and said it caused damage to the state.

Although Bakas’ statements made last year are viewed as an opinion, the “information on certain events, provided to the public, must be correct and based on facts,” the court ruling reads.

Bakas also tried to convince the court that he cannot be held liable for his statement due to his legal immunity as an MP, protecting him from prosecution for his duties.

But the court underlined that Bakas’ disputed thoughts were expressed during a media interview, and not related to his duties in the parliament. However, instead of the 20,000 euros demanded by MG Baltic as compensation, the court ordered Bakas to only cover the legal costs of around 1,500 euros.


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