Clocks to be turned one hour back on 28 October

28 October marks the end of daylight savings time in Latvia and elsewhere in the world. This is when all clocks are to be turned one hour back, Latvian Economy Ministry reminds.

The transition to winter time in Latvia will take place at 04:00 a.m. Sunday, 28 October. Clocks will be turned one hour back. The transition back to daylight savings time will take place 31 March 2019.

«As it is known, European Commission performed a survey among residents of EU member states to get a grasp of their opinion on the practice of transitioning between summer and winter time. Latvian government has also voiced its opinion on this matter, saying that it would support unified rejection of double time change if other member states agreed to it,» the ministry notes.

Considering results of this survey, European Commission prepared a proposal for a directive in September. This proposal offers cancelling seasonal time change and provides member states the option of choosing for themselves if they want to stick with either summer or winter time.

This proposal states that time change will be cancelled after all EU member states transition to summer time in March next year. Member states that with to set winter time as their default time mode will be able to transition to winter time on October and cease time change from there. Discussions on EC’s proposal continue – the final decision has yet to be made.

As it is known, the practice of switching to summer time was first introduced in Latvia in 1981. From 1997 onward, summer time has been in force from March’s last Sunday to October’s last Sunday, the ministry reminds.

European Union adopted this practice following the approval of European Parliament’s and European Council’s directive 2000/94/EC of 19 January 2001, which details the necessary measures to ensure transition to summer time.

Economy Ministry reminds that this directive details the beginning and end of summer time for all EU member states equally.

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