Cleaning up Mt. Everest: 11 tonnes of waste and 4 bodies found

In a special expedition organized by the Nepalese government four unidentified bodies were found and more than 11 tonnes of waste was collected from Mount Everest, news agency AP reports.

During the expedition that lasted 45 days, participants collected food packages, cans, bottles and empty air tanks, as reported by Nepalese Tourism Department official Danduraj Ghimire. Part of the waste was handed over for recycling.

Ghimire notes that cleaning Mount Everest was complicated because of unpredictable weather, as well as inaccessibility of certain territories and the dangers this brings.

Commenting on the remains of four people found during cleaning efforts, Ghimire said they were buried under snow. The bodies were delivered to a nearby hospital for identification. Unfortunately, none of them were identified. The cause of death for all four is unknown, AP reports.

The news agency notes that the Nepalese government representatives consider the expedition successful. Nevertheless, the waste still covered by snow will have to be collected later, when air temperature increases and the snow melts. The total volume of waste at Mount Everest is unknown.

Since 1953 a total of 300 people have died on Mount Everest. However, the exact number of bodies that remain buried in snow is unknown.

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