Chinese CCTVs in Lithuania’s Kaunas raise security concerns

Lithuania’s largest city Kaunas is installing CCTV systems produced by China’s Hikvision banned in the US.

LRT Investigation Team reported earlier that the US public sector banned cameras produced by Hikvision due to security loopholes that allowed remote access. Kaunas residents have also voices concerns, according to Kauno Diena daily.  Read more:  Chinese cameras banned in US monitor Lithuanian leaders – LRT Investigation

Edvardas Šileris, deputy commissioner general at the Lithuanian police, said the worries are unfounded as the data is kept in police servers. The majority of the new cameras in Kaunas will monitor traffic and will not be used for facial recognition, he added.

Audrius Stasiulaitis, PR head at Telia Lietuva which is installing the new cameras in Kaunas, said Chinese products offer the lowest price.

The installation of 240 CCTV cameras in Kaunas started last autumn. The cameras will be used to ensure public security, step up the investigation of incidents and reduce traffic jams.

The Kaunas municipality contract with Telia Lietuva is worth 840,000 euros and will be in place for five years.


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