China and Lithuania are towards closer cooperation

On 22 January, regular bilateral consultations between the Chinese and Lithuanian Ministries of Foreign Affairs on political, economic, global and regional policies took place in Beijing, China.
The participants held an exchange of views on the state of play in relations between Lithuania and China. China is, in fact, our major trading partner country in Asia. Nevertheless, a large negative balance of trade remains. The meeting also discussed ways to speed up procedures for export certification.

The consultations focused on the relationship between the European Union and China. The participants highlighted the application of the principles of transparency and reciprocity to all market participants. It is expected that the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment will be concluded in 2020.

The participants also stressed the importance of upholding international norms, including democratic values and human rights, of respecting the principles and of pursuing the objectives set out in the Charter of the United Nations that ensure the functioning of an effective multilateral system.

Lithuania’s Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Neris Germanas led the Lithuanian delegation. The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Qin Gang led the Chinese delegation.

The Lithuanian and Chinese Foreign Ministries have held regular political consultations since 2002.

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