Check for issue of permits to access official secrets should be sped up

The law should state that the inspection to see if a person can be provided with a permit to access official secrets should not take longer than three weeks, says prime minister candidate from KPV LV Aldis Gobzems.

Currently the law states the inspection time is three months, which can also be extended by another three months if need be.

Gobzems said his party could propose amending the law. The political party still needs to make an official decision on this, he said.

When asked if such a cardinal change could impact state security, such as providing inadequately evaluated persons with access to official secrets, Gobzems said no. The politician stressed that it would have the opposite effect, because «special services have to be able to react quickly».

According to the politician, his proposal to reduce the period of time for assessment would not require additional resources from the state budget.

When asked about potential government formation partners’ mostly negative position in regards to this proposal, the prime minister candidate said it is no reform, rather a proposal for institutions to work more quickly and efficiently.

He also said that Constitution Protection Bureau has yet to invite him to provide any information as a part of his evaluation process.

As it is known, Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis has decided to entrust the government formation process to KPV LV leader Aldis Gobzems.

In an interview to Neatkarīgā newspaper, CPB Director Jānis Maizītis said Gobzems’ evaluation may take as long as six months.

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