Central Tallinn tourist business tenants to get 80 percent rental relief

Tallinn city government has ruled to offer catering, retail and entertainment businesses operating on city-owned premises in the city center, principally the Old Town, a rent discount of 80 percent from the beginning of September

Private sector commercial tenants of City of Tallinn-owned real estate will get rental discounts of up to 80 percent under a scheme aimed at supporting businesses hit by the COVID-19 crisis, particularly in the catering, retail and entertainment sectors.

The measure has been announced after being approved by the European Commission and is set to run to year-end.

Deputy Mayor Aivar Riisalu Center) says that measures were drawn up in late summer following an earlier round of measures introduced in spring to help a sector blighted by the coronavirus pandemic, with the package passing European Commission rules on state aid earlier this week.

Riisalu says the second aid package gives discount terms for business operators active in the city center, whose peak season is usually summer.

While the discount is generally 80 percent, in some cases the figure is different, for instance on Viru tänav in the Old Town, where tenants of 26 commercial premises will get a 30 percent rental discount.

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