Catalan separatist politicians take seats in Spanish parliament despite being jailed


In the Spanish parliament, five Catalan separatist politicians, who are tried for rebellion, have taken their seats in the Spanish parliament won in Spain’s general election.

British public broadcaster BBC reports that on the event that took place on Tuesday, May 22, was a first in the Spanish parliament, where of the accused Catalan politicians four are lower-house MPs and one is a senator.

The four MPs – Josep Rull, Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Sànchez, Jordi Turull – and senator Raül Romeva are on trial for taking part in Catalonia’s push for independence in 2017, but have been allowed by the Spanish Supreme Court decision to take up their seats in parliament under police escort.

The four MPs swore to uphold the Spanish constitution, but called the oath «a legal obligation» and demanded freedom for «political prisoners».

During their oaths, far-right and right-wing MPs shouted and hammered on benches and Spanish media say the noise – mostly from far-right Vox MPs – drowned out the Catalans’ oaths.

Still, the parliamentary authorities are expected to suspend the four Catalan separatist MPs, urged to do so by the conservative Popular Party (PP) and centre-right Ciudadanos.

The accused Catalan politicians won seats in the Spanish general election on 28 April, in which the ruling Socialists came top, but without a majority.

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