Estonia: Car lease interest rates have risen by a quarter since 2017

Car leases for private consumers have become more costly over the last three years as lease interest rates have grown by a quarter.

Interest rates of car leases have grown slowly but steadily. Three years ago, the average interest of insurance companies stood at 2.21 percent in August 2017, a year later that number was 2.26 percent. This means the rise in price over a year was 2 percent.

A year later, the average interest rate over multiple insurance providers increased to 2.66 percent, marking an 18 percent price increase over the period of 2018-2019.

The rise in prices has not stopped this year as the emergency situation affected car leases heavily, making April-May 2020 the most expensive time to lease a car with the average interest rates growing by 2.84 percent.

The rates dropped a little in the summer but started to rise again in August to an average of 2.78 percent in the last month of summer, making the yearly increase in prices around 5 percent. The increase in price since 2017 is therefore 26 percent.

The Bank of Estonia (Eesti Pank) did not comment on interest rates increasing in comparison to the financial environment.

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