Brazil at risk of losing vote in UN General Assembly

There are risks that because of failure to pay its debts to the United Nations Organization, Brazil could lose its voting rights in the UN General Assembly, Reuters reports.

Brazil has the second biggest debt to the UN after USA – its debt is USD 415.8 million. The country needs to pay USD 126.6 million before the end of 2019 or it may lose its voting rights in the UN.

Brazil’s Economy Ministry’s secretary for international relations Erivaldo Gomes admits there is a risk of Brazil losing its voting rights in the UN for the first time in history.

The ministry has asked Brazin’s Congress to support allocating USD 130 million to cover part of the debt.

Comoros, São Tomé and Principe, and Somalia were also at risk of losing their voting rights because of debt, but the UN General Assembly voted in October in favour of preserving their rights.

Generally, member states owe the UN at total of USD 1.38 billion. 97% of this amount is owed by seven countries – USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Iran, Israel and Venezuela. 58 other countries also have debts of varying size.

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