Black box of crashed Indonesia plane found

Divers at the site of the Indonesia plane crash have discovered a black box that could help explain the Monday tragedy with 189 people gone missing.

Indonesian divers have retrieved a black box from a Lion Air jet that crashed into the sea this week with 189 aboard and brought it back to a ship on the surface, one of the divers told media on Thursday.

Canadian-British news agency Reuters reported on Thursday, November 1, that the black box could provide information on what happened after the still new plane lost contact with ground staff shortly after flying out of Jakarta airport on Monday, October 28.

A diver explained to broadcaster Metro TV that the orange and intact object was found among debris in the mud on the sea floor, the diver, without specifying whether it was the flight data recorder or the cockpit voice recorder, which are both usually referred to as black boxes.

Currently, only small pieces of the aircraft had been found and no survivors have been found.

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