Belarus to perform OSCE armament control assessment visit to Latvia

From 31 October to 2 November, three officers of Belarusian armed forces will be on a special Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe armament assessment control visit to Latvia, as confirmed by Latvian Defence Ministry.

The objective of this visit is checking if general information submitted to OSCE regarding Latvian Ground Forces Mechanized Infantry Brigade fits the actual situation.

«To increase transparency and trust among neighbouring countries, Latvia and Belarus signed a mutual agreement in 2004 on additional trust and security measures. This agreement provides additional control visits, more detailed information exchange regarding armed forces, meetings of experts and attendance of military exercises,» the ministry explains.

As part of OSCE and in accordance with Vienna Document, Latvia welcomes representatives from OSCE countries every year. Experts arrive in Latvia to assess the country’s military and check reported information regarding the country’s military strength. Latvia welcomes one assessment visit and three armament control inspections a year.

Similarly, Latvia also performs armament control inspections in other OSCE member states, the ministry reports.

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