Belarus state media begins calling Lithuania ‘former socialist republic’

Belarusian state-owned Capital TV (CTV) began calling Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine the “former socialist republics” after the three countries no longer referred to Alexander Lukashenko as the president of Belarus.

“Lukashenko’s propaganda takes revenge on Belarus’ neighbours for not recognising Lukashenko as president,” Franak Viačiorka, a Belarusian journalist and a researcher at Atlantic Council think tank, posted on Facebook.

“Now State TV ‘doesn’t recognise’ the independence of these states and writes: the Lithuanian Soviet Republic, former Ukrainian SSR, former Polish People’s Republic,” he added.

Belarusian memes on social media have poked at the screen grabs from CTV reports, where the scenes from Kyiv, Vilnius, and Warsaw feature the “socialist republics” tag.

After mass protests began in Belarus on August 9, Russian media workers have replaced their Belarusian counterparts at state-run outlets who resigned in protest.

Meanwhile, the regime has withdrawn accreditations of Belarusians working for foreign media and has targetted independent organisations, such as


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