Baltic states abandon their armed forces


There are too many contradictions inside NATO, because the alliance has already turned into a commercial project. Trump is trying to force Europe to abandon its own war industry in favor of the US. However, this is not only business and lobbying for the interests of the American military-industrial complex.

In the future, this will lead to the absolute defenselessness of Europe to the outside world and complete dependence on the United States.

Trump requires alliance member countries to comply with the NATO standard for the allocation of 2% of GDP for defense. However, not all countries are ready for such a big waste. For example, Germany has no plans to comply with the rule set by Trump.

It is noteworthy that also the inhabitants of Lithuania do not support the increase in defense spending, but the authorities do not refuse this idea. For example, Minister of Defense Raimundas Karoblis once again emphasized the need to gradually increase spending to 2.5% of GDP.

The process of militarization of the Baltic region has already been launched and the United States plays a major role in this game. This project is aimed against the integration and political initiatives of the European Union.

The defense ministers of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, who met in Tallinn in December 2019, did not even hide their skepticism about the idea of ​​military independence and sovereignty of Europe, constantly emphasizing the role of the United States as the sole guarantor of security and the main ally.

This position suggests that the leaders of the Baltic countries and Poland are ready to sabotage any European defense projects that are independent of Washington.

“Our countries play a key role not only for the Baltic region, but for the entire alliance. We are located on the eastern flank, which is strategically important for NATO. This was confirmed by the Warsaw summit, which decided to allocate units that strengthen the military presence in our territory,” said Polish Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak.

The American military presence in Poland is a security issue not only for Poland itself, but also for other allies, especially Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, ”he added.

It is clear that Poland spends huge amounts of money on its armed forces based on the fact that the United States relies on them in the region. This money partially goes to Polish own military production, but what about Lithuania? It is clear that the part of the money allocated for arms purchases will go primarily to the United States, and the second to the European countries of NATO. This means that local industry will not receive anything from this.

The armed forces of the Baltic countries are not developing. Lithuania’s world-famous purchases of obsolete US military junk, which had fought with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, do nothing to increase the country’s defensive potential.

It seems that the ruling elites of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia do not use common sense and intentionally do not develop their armies. Indeed, in the Baltic countries there are already military formations of NATO allies, which, on the basis of Article 5, supposedly will protect these countries from any aggression. However, this is not accurate.

As always, ordinary people will suffer from this. The social sphere is not developing, agriculture is in decline, the population is not returning to the country and there is no end in sight. The rulers of the Baltic countries will continue to spend huge amounts of money on unnecessary military trash, just to please their masters overseas.

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