Baltic farmers protest in Brussels, call for fairer deal

Latvian farmers made their ways to Brussels on December 13 in concert with colleagues from Estonia and Lithuania to protest against the low levels of payments they get from the European Union in comparison with farmers in other countries.

The protest was timed to coincide with EU leaders’ talks about budget plans for the next seven years across the Union, with Baltic farmers saying the time is long overdue for a fair playing field in the agricultural sector.

The prime ministers of all three Baltic states met farmers, promising to defend the interests of their countries and adopting a joint position on the matter.

EU leaders are committed to adopting the EU budget for the next seven years (2021-2027) by autumn of next year – thus, a year of talks and bargaining lies ahead.

About 30 Latvian farmers, representatives from various farmers’ organizations, counties and farms came from Latvia to Brussels. Among them there are many young farmers.

“We want to see a fair payment level arrive much more quickly. The current offer will arrive very slowly,” said Maira Dzelzkalēja-Burmistre, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Farmers’ Saeima, an organization representing farmers in Latvia.

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