Baltic electricity prices rise 7% w/w – Elektrum Lietuva

Electricity market prices in the Baltic countries jumped by 7% on average last week to cross the 55-euro mark, Elektrum Lietuva said LETA/BNS.

The average electricity price in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia rose by 7% to 55.70 euros per megawatt-hour (MWh), the independent electricity supplier said in a press release.

The average price across the Nord Pool power exchange edged up by 1 percent to 38.02 euros per MWh, it said.

The Baltic region’s total power consumption increased by 3 percent on July 22-28 w-o-w to 474 gigawatt-hours (GWh), rising by 2%  to 217 GWh in Lithuania, by 4% to 130 GWh in Estonia and by 3% to 127 GWh in Latvia.

The Baltic countries’ overall electricity production grew by 16% to 230 GWh. Locally-generated electricity covered 49% of the region’s needs.

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