Baltic Defence Ministers to meet in Klaipėda

On May 24 Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis, Minister of Defence of Latvia Jüri Luiku and Minister of Defence of Estonia Raimonds Bergmanis will meet at the Lithuanian Navy Headquarters in Klaipėda.

Ministers are planned to discuss regional defence and security policy topicalities, Baltic cooperation in defence and security, preparations for the NATO Defence Ministers meeting in June, and the NATO Summit in July, and cooperation with strategic partners.

Ministers will sign a joint cooperation communique.

Baltic Ministers will be welcomed by Commander of the Lithuanian Navy Captain (Navy) Arūnas Mockus at the Lithuanian Navy Headquarters. Ministers will also visit the maritime surveillance centre of the Lithuanian Navy and after the meeting – the LGT.

Cooperation with the Baltic states is among Lithuania’s top international cooperation priorities. Baltic Defence Ministers and Chiefs of Defence meet twice a year annually to discuss political aspects of regional security, and develop joint practical cooperation projects, such as the Baltic Defence College, joint Baltic unit assigned to NATO forces, Baltic Airspace Surveillance and Control System, the Baltic Naval Squadron. At such meetings proposals regarding further priorities in the Baltic defence cooperation are made. Baltic Defence Policy Directors, Chiefs of Defence Staffs, commanders of land, air and naval forces, and experts of various levels also meet regularly.

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