Automatic rifle gone missing during Siil exercise still not found

The Military Police of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) have concluded their criminal procedure after an AK4 automatic rifle assigned to a reservist that went missing during Siil 2018, the large-scale defence exercise held in Estonia last spring, was not found.
According to Meelis Juursoo, assistant prosecutor at the South District Prosecutor’s Office, the Military Police on 17 May 2018 launched a criminal procedure after a service weapon, the weapon’s magazine and an adapter for the firing of blank rounds may have been stolen from an EDF member at Siil 2018, spokespeople for the South District Prosecutor’s Office said.

“Even though more than 20 witnesses were heard and other procedural acts were conducted during the criminal procedure, identification of the individual who committed the crime proved unsuccessful,” Mr Juursoo said. “As it was also not possible to gather additional evidence, with the permission of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Military Police concluded the criminal proceeding on 17 December.”

An AK4 automatic rifle assigned to a reservist went missing during Siil, a large-scale defence exercise, last spring. The firearm had been modified to fire blank rounds.

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