Audit Office: Authorities’ competing roles hampering foreign commerce

While the private sector is generally happy with Estonia’s approach to commercial diplomacy, improvements could be made in communications, cooperation and organization, the National Audit Office (Riigikontroll) finds.

The issues particularly relate to apparent competition and duplication in roles and tasks between state agency Enterprise Estonia, and the Ministry of Foreign affairs, which can hinder progress, the audit office wrote in a recently released report.

Nonetheless, while the two bodies, along with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, have a different role and function, they have mostly so far complemented each other, the audit office added.

One solution might be to bring Enterprise Estonia (also known as the EAS – ed.) activities and personnel further under the foreign ministry’s purview, the report stated.

Commercial diplomacy definition

In broader terms, commercial diplomacy means all activities of the state aimed overseas which improve the international competitiveness of Estonian economy, including boosting exports, attracting foreign investment, attracting tourism and improving the country’s reputation abroad.

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