Another man arrested for circulation of fake news in Latvia

Earlier this month, the State Police detained a young man (born 2001) for the circulation of fake news on the Aumytests web-site, including about a supposed coronavirus outbreak in Cesis, State Police spokeswoman Elina Priedite told LETA.

According to a police statement, the Economic Crime Bureau (ENAP) officials of the Central Criminal Police Department detained the young man for deliberately disseminating false security-related news on the website, resulting in the unjustified interference in public order and the work of state and municipal authorities. The website has since been suspended pending the investigation.

A criminal process has been started against the man for hooliganism, and if convicted could see up to two years in prison.

The man has also had previous run-ins with the law for committing minor on-line fraud.

The State Police urges residents not to support fake news sites and to increase the profits of rogue web-site owners by sharing their posts on social networks.

Several weeks ago, the State Police detained another young man by the name of Niks Endzins for on-line calls for the “extermination of Chinese”.

Endzins, who is already on trial for spreading fake news, was arrested at the end of January for posting a video on his Facebook account, which among other things called for an “extermination of Chinese”.

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