“Anakonda-2018” will devour Poland


In 2018 the intensity of NATO military maneuvers and the number of forces and assets participating in them are increasing in the European region. Let me remind you about the most important of them: in the middle of June, the “Thunder Perkunas” exercise was completed (Baltic countries, 18,000 soldiers), and immediately following it – the “One Trident” (Norway, 40,000 soldiers) and “Anakonda” “(Poland, 100,000 soldiers).

Special attention should be paid to the most ambitious exercise of this year “Anakonda-2018”, which will be held from 7 to 16 November throughout Poland. Separate elements of these grandiose maneuvers will be held not only on all Polish ranges, but also beyond their borders, which proves their scope.

It is necessary to note the “accidental” crossing of the “Anakonda-2018” date and a number of other events planned in the region, such as “Citadel Bonus-18”, “Iron Wolf-18” and “Baltic Host-18”. All this makes it possible to disguise the build-up of the number of NATO soldiers near the western borders of Russia.

The massive concentration of NATO forces and assets is disturbing Moscow. NATO under the cover of several tens of thousands of soldiers which come to the “Anakonda-2018” can suddenly start real military operations.

The “Anakonda” exercise violates existing agreements and ultimately makes Poland, the Baltic countries and other countries of Eastern Europe hostages to US policy. In fact, we witness the preparation of a jumping-off ground for military action against Russia and its allies.

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