Alert level was heightened at the NAGO eFP Battle Group in Lithuania for training purposes

Over the recent 24 hours the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group deployed in Rukla had its alert level increased. Staff of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf to which the NATO eFP BG is assigned carried out a readiness check alarm exercise in order to train rapid response procedures.

Increased alert level meant NATO eFP BG troops had to move with vehicles and weapons to an assembly area, to establish and maintain radio contact with Iron Wolf Brigade headquarters. The BG was led and its actions assessed by a Tactical Operations Centre formed by Iron Wolf Brigade staff members.

The NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group maintains its high readiness and interoperability level with the Iron Wolf Brigade staff and subordinate units through constant training and preparation for collective defence. The NATO eFP BG is integrated into the MIB Iron Wolf of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and its combat training cycle.

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