Air temperature in Latvia may drop as far as -21° C next week

After the windiest and snowiest week, as anticyclone activity increases, weather in Latvia will become more stable – it will become drier and considerably colder.

As the cyclone slowly recedes on weekends and the beginning of next week, some snowing may still be present, but mostly in Latvia’s central and eastern regions. No considerable increase of the layer of snow is expected, however. Nevertheless, with intense frost replacing thaw, roads will likely become icy and slippery. Air temperature during the day and at night will remain at -1° C… – 6° C (+1° C… -4° C along the coast).

On the night to Monday, 21 January, air temperature will start gradually dropping. It will snow in some areas, such as Kurzeme and the coast. However, most of the time days will be sunny. In the first half of the week air temperature will drop to -7° C… -12° C at night. Daytime air temperature will stay at around -5° C… -10° C (0° C… -5° C along the coast).

No precipitation is expected in the middle and the end of the week. Colder masses of air will enter the country from the north. With the wind, air temperature may drop to -16° C… -21° C.

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