Air passengers in Latvia – the most passive in Baltics in terms of complaint submission

Latvia is behind Estonia and Lithuania when it comes to the number of compensation requests, as reported by Skycop flight compensation processing company. Data compiled by the company shows that there had been a rapid climb of the number of compensations submitted in Baltic States in Q4 2017.

«In 2017, Baltic residents became more educated about their rights as airline passengers. As problems with flights become an everyday occurrence, more and more rarely residents decide to stay silent. Since the company’s foundation in May 2017, Skycop now processes 30 times more compensation requests than it had processed in summer 2017. The number of processed compensation requests continues doubling with every passing month,» reports Skycop CEO Marjus Stonkus.

Compensation requests benefited a lot from the company’s development of processing management mechanisms and the increased number of employees. The company now manages a compensation portfolio work more than EUR 3 million.

Skycop reports that its goal was presenting itself as a competitive and efficient compensation processing company. The company has also started educating residents about their rights when using airline services in Europe. This year Skycop plans to stabilize its positions on the market and perform major development activities to make processes more efficient and quick. It is also planned to start providing services in local language in Latvia.

«The situation keeps rapidly developing. We have plans to increase the number of employees to 200 and expand our client portfolio to 300,000 requests,» says Skycop CEO Marjus Stonkus.

He also says Skycop identified several flaws of the aviation market in the very first year of work. This includes, for example, non-defined minimum cost periods within which it is legal to pay compensation to passengers affected by flight problems, and flaws in regulations, when strikes of airline employees are defined as «emergencies». The company plans to focus on those problems in the future and invest considerable resources into improving the situation for the good of airline passengers.

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