Agreement signed on development of new aviation strategy for Latvia

Aviation Association of Latvia and the Latvian Ministry of Transport signed (10-May-2018) a memorandum of cooperation (MoC) for the development of aviation in Latvia. Key highlights include:

The parties will develop an aviation strategy for 2019 to 2025, based on a vision of developing the national aviation industry across the entire range of aviation services;

The memorandum intends to focus on business aviation and aviation employment, education and research, aircraft construction, repair and maintenance, aeronautics and related services. The parties will develop financial services and insurance for the aviation industry, explore aviation equipment manufacturing, supply and related industries and look at remote aircraft services and their production;

The memorandum also provides for the establishment of an ‘Aviation Industry Domain’, which will be open to all participants of the aviation sector. A new cooperation platform will be established to foster discussion on the development of the aviation industry and address industry challenges, the policy planning process and in the improvement of the business environment.

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