Additional information to be asked for in Latvian prosecutor general’s evaluation

Saeima deputies who initiated the investigation if there are reasons the justify dismissal of Prosecutor General Ēriks Kalnmeiers have been asked to clarify their request by providing more detailed information in relation to conclusions mentioned in their request.

Supreme Court senator Marika Senkāne, who is asked to perform said inspection in relation to Kalnmeiers, has submitted a request for additional information to the Saeima. The request was submitted to ensure objectivity and comprehensive evaluation of all details of the case.

The Supreme Court senator notes that the reason for deputies’ request is the Moneyval report on Latvia’s money laundering and terrorism financing enforcement system. The Supreme Court judge has requested deputies to mention specific points of the report that caused parliamentarians to make conclusions.

Senkāne asks which points of the report concludes that of all criminal cases sent to the prosecutor’s office by State Police in a set period of time only 2% had resulted in criminal prosecution and that organization of investigations was illogical, and that this was the reason why Latvia received a low score for the country’s finance security system.

The Supreme Court senator has also asked politicians to outline judging by which points of the report prosecutors should take on the leading role in the development of guidelines for efficient investigation of money laundering and terrorism financing cases. Saeima deputies have time until 2 August to submit explanations.

As it is known, Supreme Court’s chairman Ivars Bičkovičs has initiated a check of reasons for the request detailing the possible dismissal of Latvia’s Prosecutor General Ēriks Kalnmeiers.

The decision was made following a request from 39 Saeima deputies. The request was submitted to the Supreme Court 17 June. The inspection was entrusted to Supreme Court judge Marika Senkāne. The inspection itself is set to continue until 16 September.

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