Activities related to terrorism now added to list of crimes in Estonia

The Riigikogu adopted a government bill on Wednesday that makes training as well as travel for the purpose of joining a terrorist organisation or committing an act of terrorism a crime. The same bill also adds the organisation, funding and support of terrorism to Estonia’s list of crimes.
The new law transposes a directive of the European Union to the effect into Estonian law. The bill also brings Estonian legislation in line with the UN resolution and additional protocol of the Council of Europe convention on the prevention of terrorism, the Riigikogu’s press service wrote on Wednesday.

Victims of terrorism will be granted necessary psychological support as well as other support services. All of these measures will be made available both to victims of terrorist crimes committed in Estonia as well as to Estonian residents who have fallen victim to such acts abroad, the parliament wrote.

People in the same circumstances also get access to legal aid irrespective of their financial situation in any case related to their falling victim to a terrorist act.

The adoption of the bill also means changes to the Penal Code setting out in detail what constitutes a criminal offence against the security, independence and territorial integrity of Estonia, including the establishment of corporate liability where required.

The offence of collecting intelligence against the security of Estonia, or supporting such activities, will be treated as a separate issue to avoid legal gaps and loopholes, the parliament wrote. The necessary elements of a criminal offence in connection with the establishment or keeping-up of a relationship against Estonia as well as the influencing of state officials against Estonia’s interests will also be specified.

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