Activists to protest Lithuania’s climate change policy

In a demonstration organised by the Fridays for Future movement, activists will carry a coffin through Gedimino Avenue in central Vilnius to protest Lithuania’s climate change policy

The organisers say they are holding a mock funeral of the future generations, as politicians are failing to take action to fight the climate crisis.

Fridays for Future movement has declared September 25 as the Global Day of Climate Action, with protests set to take place across the world.

Protesters say the climate crisis has been forgotten amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The movement has called on the government to use the pandemic recovery fund to ensure a transition towards a sustainable society.

“To create a society fit for the future, we have to recover from the pandemic in a sustainable way by listening to the needs of people, not big companies,” according to Fridays for Future.

They say that the existing political response to the pandemic does not take social problems and the climate crisis into account.

Lithuania has committed to become a climate-neutral economy by 2050, which would require to reduce greenhouse emissions by 80 percent, and undertake major reforms in the energy, transport, industrial and agricultural sectors.


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