Accidental missile in Estonia covered 80 kilometres


The missile accidentally fired by a NATO Spanish fighter jet in Estonia earlier in the week flew 80 kilometres, away from the exercise area and landed near the Endla nature reserve in central Estonia, Postimees reported.

Estonian daily Postimees estimated on Thursday, August 10, that considering where it was launched and found, the weapon carrying some ten kilograms of explosives flew the large distance, crossing among others the Tallinn-Tartu highway.

The unfortunate Spanish pilot of the Eurofighter understood the seriousness of the situation, when the AMRAAM air-to-air missile was released and warned his colleagues about his error, according to the Estonian Air Force.

The incident took place during a regular active exercise took place over Pangodi, Tartu County, on Tuesday, where two Spanish Eurofighters and two French Mirage fighter jets took part.

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