Access to KGB documents will require personal code

On Tuesday, 11 December, Latvian government approved changes to the Cabinet of Ministers requirements, introducing the order under which access to KGB documents published on the website of Latvian National Archive will be provided to those interested in them, as reported by Culture Ministry.

The ministry explains that in order to access documents published on LNA website, those interested will have to create an account so that it is possible to identify people in accordance with KGB Law and General Data Protection Regulation. As for examination of KGB documents in person at LNA – there will be no restrictions. Nevertheless, the person planning to access documents will have to submit a written request and present a personal identification document.

Private persons accessing will need to provide their name, surname, personal code (if they do not have one – a foreigner’s ID code written in their personal identification document and the issuing country), e-mail address, username and password, as well as the goal for accessing KGB documents compliant with requirements of the law.

«If those interested decide to use KGB documents with authorization from an institution or legal person, additional information will be required – name of the institution or legal person, the legal address, registration number and information regarding authorization and intended task for accessing the documents,» Culture Ministry explains.

Amendments to Cabinet of Minister requirements state that in all cases when a person uses copies of KGB documents and performs personal data processing outside LNA, that person is responsible for appropriate use of acquired information (including other people’s personal data).

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