A new EU budget: Erasmus program increases twice

According to a new EU budget for 2021-2027, students’ international exchange will be doubled and participants quantity will be arisen from 4 mln till 12 mln people. As commisioner Gunter Ottinger told, every 10th student in Europe could get international expierence at next decade.

The European Commission has put forward ambitious proposals for a modern budget for 2021-2027. Accents made to rapid developments in innovation, the economy, the environment. The Commission is putting forward modern, clearer and simpler EU financial rules that ensure the EU budget delivers on the issues that matter to Europeans. All Member States and beneficiaries are required to show that the regulatory framework for financial management is robust and to ensure that the effectiveness of EU funding is not undermined be unsound economic and fiscal policies.

“Education, training, mobility and cooperation across national borders are critical in giving Europeans the forward-looking knowledge, skills and competences they need to innovate and prosper in the future world of work. There is no better European instrument than Erasmus to foster it. By doubling its budget we can ensure that Erasmus can make an even bigger impact on the lives and create opportunities for many more people from different backgrounds”, stressed Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport.

At the next decade  more opportunities are created  for school pupils, to learn abroad and meet pupils from different countries. Also the programme is opening up to smaller and grassroots organisations, so participants can set up small-scale partnerships – creating shorter projects involving lower sums of money.

With 700 mln euro the EU will support the travel of 1,5 mln young people between 2021-2027.

A new budget also supports cooperation among European universities to establish networks in order to increase their quality, performance and attractiveness.

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