77% of Latvian men only turn to doctor over serious illness

Most Latvian men, or 77%, only seek doctor’s advice in case of serious illness, found a study conduced by the Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility and Kantar pollster.

The research focused on the causes of premature deaths of Latvian men and habits negatively affecting the overall expectancy and was done, by carrying out a poll, according to the society entitled the Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.

Results of the poll showed that 40% of men in the Baltic country choose to wait for an illness to retreat itself.

«In Latvia, as compared to other countries in the European Union, there is one of the lowest life expectancies. Moreover, the average life expectancy for Latvian men is by over ten years lower female life expectancy,»
the head of the organisation, Dace Helmane commented.

She added: «Causes of this problem have to be put into perspective – it is related to processes in the society, also to male habits and attitude to their health».

The Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility cited data that 80% of all suicides in Latvia are committed by men. Another cause of premature death for men is alcohol-related deaths, which for men is five times higher than for women.

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