Latvia: 77 new cases of coronavirus

Seventy-seven new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Latvia on October 2, one of the highest daily totals so far.

In total 1,945 cases of coronavirus have now been recorded in Latvia.

A death has been recorded, the fatality toll rising to 38. The victim was aged 90 to 95.

The Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC) said 3,914 tests were conducted during the previous 24-hour period.

In total 328,631 tests have been carried out since February 29.

So far 1,307 patients have recovered from infection.

22 patients are in hospital, 19 of whom are described as having moderate symptoms of the disease. Three patients are described as having more serious symptoms.

On October 1 the 14-day cumulative number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 of population was 17.6 in Latvia, 44.8 in Lithuania and 46.4 in Estonia, according to data from the  European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control  . Latvia’s rate remains the lowest in the European Union.

The threshold for the introduction of compulsory self-isolation upon arrival in Latvia is 16. See  our other story   about the latest list of countries which require self-isolation for people arriving in Latvia. The country list is updated every Friday afternoon.

A useful summary in English of the latest COVID-19 situation including restrictions in place and rules on public assembly is available at    this special government website  .

The number for medical emergencies is  113 , the number for enquiring about a COVID-19 test if you have developed some potential symptoms after returning from overseas or being in contact with someone confirmed as having coronavirus is  8303  and the SPKC COVID-19 advice helpline is  67387661 .

The SPKC has    information in English   about the approved methods of protecting yourself from the virus, symptoms and medical procedures    and an interactive map   plotting the incidence and distribution of the disease in Latvia.


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