60% of Estonians ready to defend their country, survey estimates

A survey commissioned by the Estonian Defence Ministry has found that 60% of Estonian respondents would take part in defence related activity in the event of a military attack.

The Estonian Defence Ministry stated in a news release on Tuesday, December 18, that the results of the Public Opinion and National Defence Survey carried out this autumn showed that in the event of an attack on Estonia, approximately 80% of respondents believe that armed resistance is important.

Biggest threats

The poll indicated that the biggest threats in the near future to be an organised attack on Estonia’s national information systems, i.e. a cyber-attack (67%), the proliferation of fake news (65%), and interference by a foreign country in Estonia’s politics or affecting the economy for its own benefit (58%).

The traditional biannual poll was ordered by the Ministry of Defence and carried out by Turu-uuringute AS.

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