30% of Latvian residents are dissatisfied with their family’s financial state

Residents’ overall mood has declined considerably across all survey positions. Residents have become the most negative about Latvia’s economic situation – 31% of them believe it has worsened. When asked to voice their outlooks for Latvia’s economy in a year from now, 17% of respondents said it will have improved, according to results of Baltic International Bank’s latest Latvian Barometer.

Similar outlooks have been voiced about the financial state of respondents’ families. While 30% of residents are currently dissatisfied with their finances, 18% mentioned that the financial state of their family will have improved in the next twelve months. Residents aged 25 to 34 (31%) seem the most optimistic about this, whereas residents older than 45 more often said their financial state will not have changed.

The latest Latvian Barometer survey reveals that Latvians and representatives of other nationalities are in agreement when it comes to the current state of the country’s labour market. 54% of interviewed Latvian and 64% of foreign respondents believe chances of finding a good job in Latvia are poor. There are almost no differences among respondents aged 18 to 24 and residents aged 64 to 75 – an average of 54% on both sides believe chances of finding a good job in Latvia are poor. Only 7% of respondents said it is possible to find work in the country.

Respondents were asked to provide an assessment of the government’s work. 75% of respondents said they are dissatisfied with Latvia’s current government. Most of the residents who said they are dissatisfied with the current government are hired workers, unemployed people and farmers. Only 17% of respondents said they are satisfied with the government’s work. Most of them are CEOs, students and housewives.

When asked to evaluate Latvia’s development, 56% of respondents said the country is developing in the wrong direction. 25% of respondents had difficulty with answering this question, whereas 20% of respondents said the country is developing in the right direction.

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