27 fishermen saved from dangerous ice in Baltic Sea

Estonian rescuers have successfully answered calls to rescue 27 fishermen from floating ice in the Baltic sea.

Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports that the rescue operations had taken place on Wednesday, December 27, off the coast of Valgeranna, Pärnu County, in south-western Estonia.

According to the Western Regional Rescue Centre, ice floe carrying the fishermen was located some 2km from shore, and while no lives were in danger, the trapped men were unable to reach shore on their own. Because of a number of cracks had formed in the ice, three were also rescued by a boat deployed from nearby Pärnu.

The Estonian Rescue Board used the occasion to remind that ice conditions are not completely safe and those who go onto the ice must take into acount the possibility that they can fall through the ice at any moment, ERR wrote.

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