21% of Saeima deputy candidates have no higher education

20.8% of candidates participating in 13th Saeima elections do not have higher education, according to information from the Central Election Commission’s website.

The number of candidates with higher education has reduced slightly for this year’s Saeima elections. 79.2% of all candidates or 1,164 of them have higher education. 20.3% or 298 people have secondary education. 0.5% or 8 candidates have only primary education.

In the 12th Saeima elections, 957 candidates or 82.8% had higher education. 199 candidates or 17.2% had secondary education.

During 11th Saeima elections, 915 candidates or 83.8% had higher education. 174 or 15.9% of candidates had secondary education. 0.3% or 3 candidates had only primary education.

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