Posts published in Day: June 6, 2020

One case of coronavirus detected in Latvia

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Latvia recorded one case of COVID-19 on June 6, increasing the total number of cases from 1,085 on Friday to 1,086 on Saturday. No fatalities were recorded. The new figure was released by the Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC) which said 1,074 tests had been conducted during the previous 24-hour period.  In total 116 535 tests have been carried out since February 29. Pēdējās 24h veikti 1074 COVID-19 testi, pozitīvs 1 cilvēkiem. Latvijā…

#Voices – Lithuanians should care about US protests

Saturday, June 6, 2020

As protests sweep across the US, Americans living in Lithuania say being overseas does not make the issue any less personal.   #Voices – a project by LRT English looking at important, controversial, or overlooked topics from the perspective of Lithuanian diaspora or expats in the country.   Candace Goodrich  “I think we are in a moment in history in which people have been pushed to the brink not only because of…