2019 Spring Storm exercise to be held in Lääne-Viru, Ida-Viru counties

The 2019 Spring Storm exercise (Kevadtorm), a large-scale military practice exercise of the Estonian Defence Forces and NATO allied units, will be held in the two counties that together make up Estonia’s Virumaa region. Some 10,000 military personnel are expected to participate.
The exercise, set to begin on 29 April, will take place in Lääne-Viru and Ida-Viru County, the Baltic News Service wrote on Monday. When exactly it will end has not yet been announced.

Up to 10,000 uniformed members of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) as well as NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup deployed in Tapa and a variety of other allied units will participate. The exact number of allied troops and their militaries are still to be decided, military spokespeople told the BNS.

This makes the 2019 issue of the exercise bigger than it was last year. In 2018, some 9,000 troops participated.

Spring Storm typically brings together various units of the EDF as well as the Estonian Defence League (Kaitseliit). Last year, beyond Estonian personnel and the battlegroup in Tapa, units of the militaries of Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Georgia were involved as well.

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